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Federal Budget Summary

If you are interested in how the 2020/2021 Federal Budget will affect you, we have attached some summaries below: Federal Budget Summary How the Budget May Affect Families How the Budget May Affect Retirees How the Budget May Affect Business Owners  Alternatively, for a simple…

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Your 6 Step Covid-19 Recovery Plan

With Covid-19 impacts on our employment, wages, and finances plus our savings being hampered by historically low interest rates, many are asking how do we recover the losses of 2020? Whether it be the “V”, “K” or “U” shape recovery,…

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Coastal Advice Group Wins National Award

Coastal Advice Group, comprising of local branch Newcastle Financial Planning Group, Central Coast Financial Planning Group and Sydney Wealth Advisers has been announced as the national winner of the RI Advice ‘Practice of the Year’ award for its superior approach…

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Open Letter From CEO Daniel Brown

I know I speak for not only myself, but for every hardworking Australian when I say that we all want to set ourselves up for financial freedom in retirement. Yet we are all dealing with this unprecedented situation which has…

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