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Many Australian retirees are reliant upon the Centrelink Age Pension to either partially or wholly fund their retirement. Furthermore, many other retirees are dependent upon supplementary concessions (e.g. Commonwealth Seniors Health Card) to reduce their expenses and safeguard their disposable income to maintain their quality of life.

However, as eligibility criteria, payment rates, allowances and government policies are ever-changing, the Age Pension application process and ongoing reporting requirements can become overwhelming and even have the potential to be financially detrimental.


Our Centrelink Financial Planning Specialists have the experience and expertise to smoothly guide you through the Age Pension application process; and as part of your Financial Plan we can develop a strategy to structure your lifestyle and financial assets to ensure you can maximise your entitlements. The leading tip from our Financial planning team, is to prepare early and make sure they have time to develop and implement the most beneficial strategy before you start your application.

Additionally, once you commence the Age Pension, our Financial Advice Team can also support you by handling the ongoing Centrelink reporting requirements (meaning don’t have to worry about the management of your benefits) and by reviewing your situation on a regular basis to ensure you are always receiving the maximum benefits possible.

If you are in need of an expert to guide you through the Centrelink Age Pension process, book your complimentary initial appointment today.


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