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Insurance Advice - Insurance Advice

Purchasing personal insurance is often an uncomfortable subject for people as it means accepting that we are all not bullet-proof. However, it is better to accept this reality and prepare for the unexpected to protect both you, your lifestyle, and your family.

At Sydney Wealth Advisers, our specialist Insurance Team have a comprehensive knowledge of the personal insurance products on the market, how to structure them, how they differ from each other, and each Insurer’s application and claims process. We understand the fine print and are supported by research and legal teams who assess every product.


There is not a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to selecting insurance policies.

We can help you to create a tailored and affordable combination of insurance, including Income Protection, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), Trauma (or Critical Illness) and Life Insurance to minimise the financial impact on you (and your family), if ever a claim needs to be made.

 Furthermore, we can review your insurance regularly to ensure the policies are still appropriate for you, taking into consideration changes in income, family circumstances and finances.

Be reassured knowing that should you need to claim, your policies could afford you the ability to maintain your lifestyle and household expenses during recovery, continue loan repayments, alter your home in the case of disability, pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses (e.g. specialist treatment) and ensure your family does not need to make sacrifices if you are unable to work either temporarily or permanently. 

If you want to review your insurance and ensure it still meets your needs, book a complimentary initial appointment with a Sydney Wealth Advisers Insurance Specialist.

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