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A wholehearted passion to help others reach their financial goals is what drives Varun’s purpose at Coastal Advice Group (CAG).

With both a Master of Applied Finance and a Master of Business Administration, it is this depth of knowledge that serves him well in his role in Adviser Support.

Numbers have always played a large role in Varun’s life, but he finds the most satisfaction in sharing his understandings with others. “I really enjoy working with numbers and while they make sense to me, I’m more interested in simplifying processes so they make perfect sense to our clients as well.”

He derives pride in creating personal connections with clients and helping to create the best financial strategies for their unique aspirations. “To me, I really just want to share the knowledge I have to help others better their lives.”

Having previously resided in extremely busy, bustling cities around the world, Varun enjoys being based in the Newcastle office and appreciates the relaxed lifestyle Newcastle offers.

His easy-going personality is backed by his significant depth of technical expertise, enabling him to support clients in all stages of their lives from those looking to build strong financial foundations for themselves and their families to those planning for their perfect retirement. Varun’s intuition and personable nature make him a superb asset to the CAG team.

If you’d like to ask Varun any questions, please contact him by phone or email:

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