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Superannuation (Super) is a vital key to creating a better life for yourself in retirement.

However, when it comes to Super, there are many obstacles to overcome, including:

  • Super is a complex investment vehicle that requires educated and thoroughly researched decision-making to maximise its value
  • You do not have time to invest in effectively managing your Super
  • Super guidelines and legislation are constantly changing
  • Mismanagement of your Super can result in financial penalties from the ATO
  • There are countless product options, which one is right for you?
  • As it is managed by payroll, you may have multiple Superannuation accounts being eroded by fees or unknown insurance premiums
  • You often don’t think about a strategy for your Super until you are close to retirements


Sydney Wealth Advisers can provide their expertise and work with you to create a tailored Superannuation Advice strategy that ensures:

  • A suitable Superannuation product is chosen for you
  • Your chosen fund has a competitive fee structure
  • Your Super is simplified and consolidated where appropriate
  • Your funds are invested in accordance with your current needs and future goals
  • All potential strategies are considered (e.g. Salary Sacrifice, Spouse Super Contributions, Contribution Splitting, Government Co-Contribution and Low-Income Superannuation Tax Offset).
  • Where applicable – can you utilise your Super to purchase your first home (First Home Buyers Account)
  • Your Beneficiaries are in line with your wishes, should you pass away If you are ready to invest in a better life for yourself in retirement, book a complimentary initial meeting with a Superannuation Advice Specialist from Sydney Wealth Advisers.
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